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Rosalie, Regina, Marta und Monica


A very special place where flora and fauna thrive in all their glory - the beautiful Entlebuch Biosphere, specifically at Seebli-Hof. In the midst of this idyllic landscape, our in-house farmer Bruno lives and works. With a heart full of love for nature and unwavering dedication, he has devoted his life to the breeding of his cattle.


Every morning, Bruno greets his animals with a warm smile and leads them to the lush pastures surrounded by gentle hills and clear streams. Here, the cattle can graze freely and live in complete harmony with their natural environment. Bruno knows that happy animals are the foundation for exceptional quality. He ensures that they have sufficient time and space to grow and thrive.

Each cow has a name, with the first letter indicating the generation of the animal's family. The names relate with hearts, emotions, and funny anecdotes from Bruno's life.

The deep connection with nature is also reflected in Bruno's sustainable management of his land. He cares for the soil with great attention and uses natural methods to promote the health of his plants. Bruno is a true guardian of Seebli-Hof in the Entlebuch Biosphere, and his work is passed down from generation to generation.

One day, Gabriel Stucki, the General Manager of the Grand Hotel National, learned from owner Raimondo Erculiani that Bruno possesses exceptionally high-quality cattle on his pasture. They immediately realized that they could enter into a unique collaboration that would benefit both the guests and the environment. Thus, Sharing Brasserie Juliette Luzern became the place where Bruno's story and his cattle breeding are narrated throughout the premises. It tells a tale of unique collaboration, regionalism, freshness, and utmost quality. A story that comes to life in every dish, taking guests on a journey full of enjoyment and emotions.

The collaboration with Bruno is not just a partnership, but a connection of hearts. The Grand Hotel National is proud to be part of Bruno's story and to let guests participate in his exceptional heritage. The super-regionalism and freshness of the products were not just empty words but a commitment that guests could feel with every visit.


Welcome to the Sharing Brasserie Juliette Luzern at the Grand Hotel National, where Bruno's story and the Seebli-Hof in the Entlebuch Biosphere unfold into a fantastic culinary experience, taking you on a journey of indulgence and emotions.



Detailaufnahme Bett Kopfkissen und Nachttisch

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