Cocktail recommendations of Chef de Bar Marc Staudt

Sinful temptation in a glass


Prince of Wales

The classic cocktail originated at the end of the 19th century is named after the Prince of Wales, a noble title that traditionally denotes the heir to the throne in the British monarchy. At the time, it was worn by Crown Prince Albert Edward, the eldest son of Queen Victoria, to whom the cocktail is said to have originated.

Marc Staudt recommends serving the drink in a tumbler, preferably a silver tumbler.

  • Recipe


    - 2 cl Cognac
    - 1 cl Bénédictine
    - Angostura bitters
    - 1 sugar cube
    - Champagne
    - 1 Orange


    Muddle the sugar cube with Angostura until it has completely dissolved. Add the ice cubes and cognac to the tumbler, fill with champagne and stir gently. Float the Bénédictine into the drink and sprinkle with an orange zest. A dried orange slice is recommended for decoration.

Cocktail - Prince of Wales


White Russian

The White Russian was first mentioned in writing in November 1965, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, but in the same year an advertisement by the liquor manufacturer Southern Comfort appeared as early as 21 March 1965, recommending the White Russian with vodka, whipped cream and a Southern Comfort brand coffee liqueur.

  • Recipe


    - 2.5 cl Kahlúa
    - 4 cl Vodka
    - approx. 6 cl lightly whipped cream


    Stir the Kahlúa and vodka in a mixing glass over lots of cubed ice and strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass. Then carefully float the cream over a spoon. Decorate with a few grated chocolate shavings.

Cocktail - White Russian


The Last Word

The Last Word is a cocktail based on gin, Chartreuse Verte and Maraschino. The cocktail was created in Detroit in the 1920s during the Prohibition era, and then fell into oblivion. In 2004, The Last Word was rediscovered in Seattle, and from there spread internationally. Because of the place of rediscovery and its pale green-milky colour, The Last Word is considered a definitive Seattle cocktail - the nickname of the city with the foggy and rainy climate is "Emerald City".

  • Recipe


    - 2 cl Gin
    - 2 cl Chartreuse Verte
    - 2 cl Maraschino liqueur
    - 2 cl Lime juice, freshly squeezed


    Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass. Decorate with a dried lime slice.

Cocktail - The Last Word
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