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Lucerne ranks amongst the prettiest towns in the world and surprises the visitor with unexpected contrasts. Mighty peaks alternate with charm lake scenery, tranquil alleys lead to pulsing shopping streets, and the spectacular KKL culture and congress centre looks over Europe's oldest wooden bridge. A mosaic of art, culture, leisure activities and night life make this town a must-visit destination. Once you come, you’ll never want to leave.

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The KKL culture and congress centre was designed by star architect Jean Nouvel and offers guided tours. Discover the distinctive architecture and aesthetics of the KKL.

The Chapel Bridge is Lucerne's most venerable landmark and is also, at 204 metres, Europe's longest roofed timber bridge. Halfway along the bridge is the octagonal Water Tower, Switzerland's most-photographed historical monument.

The Lion Monument was Switzerland's first preserved figurative monument. Carved out of the naturally occurring rock, it commemorates the heroism in 1792 of Swiss soldiers who died attempting to protect the Tuileries Palace in Paris.

The Glacier Garden adjacent to the Lion Monument shows what Lucerne must have looked like 20 million years ago. As a natural monument with park and museum, it is a haven of tranquillity.

The Musegg Towers: back in the 14th century the townspeople erected some of the nine watchtowers on the right-hand bank of the River Reuss. The Musegg Towers played a defensive role by allowing soldiers to see into the distant countryside surrounding the town.

Swiss Museum of Transport: all that moves! The museum focuses on the past, present and future of transportation and mobility – on water, on land and in the air. The premises incorporate the IMAX Cinema with its giant screen and 3D films.

The Rosengart Collection is the most recent of Lucerne's museums. It is hugely significant owing to its important collections of works by Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso.


Visitors wishing to discover Lucerne away from the throngs of tourists might like to do so with the help of an insider (Best Friends Shopping) and track down its many exclusive and unique stores and boutiques. There's no better way to shop.

Twice a week – on Tuesday and Saturday mornings – the town goes to market! A wonderful experience on both banks of the River Reuss.


Lucerne is richly endowed with inviting bars and restaurants, clubs and discotheques. The Casino is home to the atmospheric phrase "rien ne va plus". A Mediterranean ambience reigns along the Reuss Promenade – make it one of the places you visit!


Summer is a great time to be here and take advantage of the mountains and clear waters of the lake. Visitors come here from all over the world simply to experience Mount Pilatus and its famous rack railway. Whether you prefer things peaceful or active, sporty or cultural, in Lucerne town or in the surrounding region, this is the place for you! MORE


In winter, too, Lucerne is a starting point for all kinds of sporting or relaxing leisure activities. Wonderful skiing, snowboarding, sledging, Nordic Walking and snowshoeing opportunities are not far off. Or maybe you prefer a romantic carriage ride? When snow falls, the town looks like it has been covered in cotton wool, while majestic swans ply the icy water: all is well with the world... MORE

Lucerne Festival

Devotees of classical music should make sure they do not miss the Lucerne Festival. Seeing and being seen, hearing and being heard: this renowned classical music event draws artists from all over the world at Easter, in the summer and again in the autumn. The event started back in 1938. The ensuing decades have seen the emergence of a festival that has become a ”must-attend” for top-flight orchestras, soloists and conductors. The summer edition alone features around one hundred performances. Savour the sense of occasion, experience the music up close – only in Lucerne. MORE